Thank you for making a booking with Cove Climbing!

Please can all participants complete this form. It is a requirement of my insurance that all participants accept this Risk Acknowledgement and Medical Disclaimer form. This is a subsection of our terms and conditions, further information can be found in our Terms and Conditions.

2.0 Participation Statement

2.1 Climbing, mountaineering and hillwalking are all activities that carry an element of risk. These risks, however small, cannot be completely removed and even if they could be, it would defeat the purpose of these activities as adventure sports. 

Cove Climbing will manage risk effectively, but participants must accept that participation in mountaineering and outdoor activities involves an acceptance of objective risk and responsibility of one’s own actions. Please also refer to the British Mountaineering Councils (BMC) details on Risk and Safety.

By participating in a course or activity with Cove Climbing you are agreeing to the following statement by the BMC.

“The BMC recognises that climbing, hill walking and mountaineering are activities with a danger of personal injury or death. Participants in these activities should be aware of and accept these risks and be responsible for their own actions and involvement.”

3.0 Health, Fitness and Accessibility 

3.1 When participating in courses and activities you must expect to be involved in adventurous and sometimes strenuous activities. Although prior experience and/or training is not necessary on most of the courses/activities, you are expected to be of good general health and mobility. You must declare any relevant medical conditions prior to the start of the course / activity as part of the booking process. Any current injuries and/or serious illnesses that may have an impact on the course or activity must be declared. The participant must satisfy him/herself that taking part in the course is within his/her own capabilities. 

3.2  Most courses and activities take place in rugged and uneven terrain. Climbing activities normally take place a short walk from the road and with uneven steps which may require hands for balance / assistance on final approach. The terrain and venues are easily accessible to most participating climbers. If any attendee or parent observing has difficulty with mobility or accessibility, please let us know in advance, as there may be (with suitable notice) alternative more accessible venues. Some climbs (such as on Lochnagar) are in remote locations which can take many hours to reach, for these you will need a good level of fitness in addition to the above.

Hillwalking / mountaineering courses or activities will be in the hills. You will need to have a reasonable level of fitness to get the most out of the day. For days in the hills you will normally be carrying your own rucksack with equipment and possibly a few extra things shared between the group and your instructor. You will likely be walking up and down hill sides, possibly for much of the day depending on the activity.

Risk Acceptance and Medical Disclaimer